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错新网一席之地女鞋"Ha ha, guan yu man, unexpectedly escaped!" Tardif rode on horseback, see guan yu don't fight and flee, while taunting, while is chasing, rare guan yu tiger now fall pingyang, how can let go of this opportunity.Thought, that ma will have what trick, now it seems, is to take off his pants fart, look safe, but in fact will also make big risk, but luckily, now chengdu will be their people, now to lu zheng also no problem."Dang ~"

Xing Daorong think is also, is to no longer say much, continue to arrange the men to consolidate the city."What?" Guan Yu lay silkworm eyebrow a pick, east of the city can be his elite, most of the forces are concentrated there, how can easily give up, the next tune horse head, rapped out: "All the soldiers with me to save the trapped brother!""Wait?" Pang tong nodded. "It 's also a way. Jingzhou should be in chaos now. Even if liu bei didn' t want to be distracted by kongming, he couldn 't hide the news for too long错新网Small school promised, turned away, soon, wei yan and blanc side by side.

错新网"Xie general exemption!" Wang Shuang waved, behind the five hundred guanzhong elite quickly scattered, will be around to occupy.Lu su at the moment dressed in armor, Standing on the top of the wall, Looking at guan yu's camp from afar, this time under orders, he is really feel the horror of guan yu, even this time, will be in suppression pretty more He Qi veteran recruit to help themselves, but these days and pretty more fierce fighting, is the soldiers of jiangdong strong army, in the face of guan yu, was obviously pressed a head.Mean, the new city is not the main battlefield of the battle, liu bei in the two counties left force is not much, at the moment under the internal emptiness, by wei yan they easily breached is not surprising, but pound or some uncomfortable, as lyu3 bu4's five elite commander-in-chief, now even the gates can't touch, say out, how much some shame.

"Send a signal to General Chou Tai to attack the harbor!" Tracing the cause of the war, eyes flashed a glimmer of refinement, quickly ordered people out of the rocket.Some words, Just now it was not convenient to tell Liu Xie in the court, Lyu3 bu4 king, now came the news, lyu3 bu4 sent pang tong, wei yan has taken shu, now lyu3 bu4 has occupied half of the mountains, and with chengdu was classified under, population is no longer lyu3 bu4 short board, plus the guanzhong these years of development, lyu3 bu4 now has the strength to sweep the world.Dense hollow sound into a piece, continue to shoot at each other's rattan shield, and the damned three rattan shield, although from time to time there are pretty arrows in the army, but compared with the past mowing attacks, such sporadic damage obviously can't let wei yan satisfied.错新网




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