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魔道之极2攻略|大连西太平洋石化Look at the tumbling torrent, Daxi new no brain only one word, not only he, originally also calculate dense and neat ride array, at the moment messy, countless xianbei people rushed toward the mouth of the YinFeng gorge, this time, also tube what horse pit, wish his horses gave birth to more than four legs.It is contemptuous to take forty thousand for yourself, but ninety thousand for Qui-tou."Master, what happened?" County government, male broad sea, zhou cang rushed in with a group of bodyguards, stare around, didn't find half a figure, puzzled look at lyu3 bu4.

"Yes!" A Xianbei general sink a track: "I hope adults do not deceive us."They may not be pure, but for men who have had physical contact with themselves died in front of him, these women do not mind their bodies have dirty blood, struggling to dig a hole, will be a corpse or buried, or burned, see lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women did not have too much emotional expression in their eyes."Urgent documents, this is cao" urgent documents written to xuchang, jun no food, our army victory is imminent! " Xu togeher laughed and said, "go, hurry up and tell the master the news!"魔道之极2攻略|"Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp.

魔道之极2攻略|"Here!" Two hussars forward, directly unloaded d armor, hand pike a turn, with the barrel of the gun against d's back.That night, sunset dusk, lyu3 bu4 with five thousand king's court soldiers out of xianbei king's court, bypassing the mountains, disappeared on the vast grasslands."Yes!" Outside summoned xianbei warriors listen to the sound of a woman jiao chuan in the tent, only feel a surge of blood in the body, hurriedly agreed to 1, hurriedly left.

"At the end of the day!" Five people got military orders, their departure, only pound, rather depressed to giffin, so war, he can't participate.Shaking his head, Giffin frowned and said, "The battle of Yuan and Cao is not yet clear. Our army can't get involved.""Today, Kifu Goyang has offended, but it is because the Temuzhen first attacked our tribe in the first place, also please see Wang Ting in the past, let me wait to leave, I would like to leave all the women and cattle and sheep. After all, begging Fu Ge Yang pressed down the heart of the gloom, immediately bowed to the step of root.魔道之极2攻略|




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