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水电上市公司永恒币"Why?" Zhang he don't understand."Oh?" Zhaoyun looked at pang tong.

"It's done." Country's cynical face also a little more dignified, Look at cao caodao: "Two months ago, Lyu3 bu4 alone into the prairie, under the pseudonym Temujin, disguised as a remnant of the Huns, Take refuge in xianbei king's court, Help xianbei khan sweep away the five tribes in distress, Instigate kui head led hundreds of xianbei army and kim lianchuan chieftain daxi new decisive battle yinfeng gorge, lyu3 bu4 life people dig up a river on the banks of the yinshan, water back into the yinfeng gorge, a battle to kill the huns main force of 250,000 troops, including the huns khan kui head, more than 20 people of the tribal leaders! ""Bold cao thief, dare to hurt my soldiers!" In the desperation of chen xing, a burst of drinking, a team suddenly fight, the first will, eight feet tall, such as jujube, hand a thick back machete waving with a heavy sharp screaming sound, suddenly will coss army rushed away.Chapter forty-four each ghost水电上市公司"I want to be quiet." Qui-head opened Langan's arm, gazed at step root's body, eyes red, grabbed the body back to the soldiers, red this eye roared: "Why? Why twenty thousand troops will be defeated so quickly! Step root why will die!"

水电上市公司"Strategist, stargazing again?" Zhang he came forward, looking at falling in grant, smiled."Pa ~" a bright red palm print appeared on the maid full of snow-white breast, the patriarch turned over, hug the woman attractive figure, sneer at a way: "Men's things, women mind, that Moba tribe has long been in step under the root of the lust without bones, how can we compare with the cadres!The time has come in September of the fifth year of Jian'an, Just when the eyes of the world were focused on Guandu, the battlefield that determined the hegemony of the north, er, A poem from the guanzhong, spread quickly throughout the central plains, lyu3 bu4 horse at the same time north, xianbei people play in the palm of the hand, don't cost a soldier a pawn, annihilate two hundred and fifty thousand military forces, xianbei back to the prototype of the news, make the central plains countless people silent.

"Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much."These damn huns, unexpectedly with the mean tricks learned from the han people against us!?" Begging for a tribal army, The leader begged Yiyang to count the losses, Just now those rat holes in the pits, Unexpectedly let them wreck thousands of horses, hundreds of begging fu fighters were crushed to death, looking at the huns in the tribe, begging fu yi yang anger hum a track: "warriors, dismount, even if there is no war horse, also want to let these damn huns know, who is the master of this grassland!"A Pegasus rushed to report to the king's court, The others, under the command of several chiefs, Rapidly according to lyu3 bu4 usual teaching method for war, although from the beginning, the huns is lyu3 bu4 into xianbei court, is also doomed to be abandoned chess pieces, but in order to show their role, the tribe lyu3 bu4 but heart to operate, even tens of thousands of people to attack, break the tribe, will also pay a heavy price.水电上市公司




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