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志田未来快播TST维多利雅效果Take a deep breath, temuzhen knife-like eyes swept over a group of huns generals, cold hum a track: "I'm not dead yet, this matter, I have a problem, sentence sudden, upright when stay, others, give me out!""I remember, when I left, I asked Ule to remind the king that there was something going on in Chin Lien-chuan." Lyu3 bu4 looked to kui head."Can we go?" Kirby can look at the back of step root, sneer at 1, hands have been more than a carved bow, step root military forces have been stopped, at the moment only step root with a few QinWei fight YuanMen, Kirby can look at the back of step root, a cold smile, bow and arrow, action flow, one go, bow, pull string, let go.

"You wretch!" Murong GUI said plainly: "For a woman, unexpectedly sold the interests of the five big tribes.""No harm." Daxi, with a wave of his hand, smiled and said, "I remember all the things Mr. Han Sui has done for me over the past year. I have never forgotten them. With your ability, you will govern the prairie for me when I ascend to the khan position in the future. Please rest assured, Mr. Han, when I unify the prairie, I will help you take off Lyu3 bu4's head!"志田未来快播As they spoke, the two men had already entered the camp and moved to the table. They sat opposite each other. Xu Chu was bored and kept silent outside the door. Cao Cao laughed and said, "The son is willing to come from far away. It's a great good thing to fuck with. How can you neglect it? It's just..."

志田未来快播"Strategist, lyu3 bu4 now do up seventy thousand military forces to attack, how should I guard against?" Zhang he frowned, wild goose gate, although is to resist the huns the first checkpoint, but in previous years is not so big battle, seventy thousand troops, if zhang he everywhere defense, thirty thousand troops in the hands of lyu3 bu4 is easy to break.Soon, a dozen fast horses galloping overnight toward the direction of the west cool, giffin, d, liao hua, zhang embroidery and other heavy will soon converge in the office.

A large number of soldiers put down their weapons, chose to surrender, sporadic resistance was finally quickly put out lyu3 bu4, to dawn, the whole coalition camp basically settled down.See lyu3 bu4 banned the army into the city, at the gate of a gang of soldiers finally relieved, so many people if into the city, even if lyu3 bu4 governance again strict, also inevitably conflict, lyu3 bu4 so, one to show to the people of jinyang with sincerity, two also absolutely possible conflict.The military forces in all directions have been buzzing up, zhang he brought the main escape, plus d soldiers will be fierce, if not zhang he before with QinWei block, these military forces had been routed, now zhang he fled, plus many people also found mayi fire, which also have the mind to fight again, kneel down, please.志田未来快播




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