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吸血殿下的专属小猫咪|德丰基金On horseback, giffin thinking the next plan, qiang, Wolf moon people successively surrender, the rest of the first zero qiang caught in the huns, lyu3 bu4, Qin Hu tripartite forces in the central, and again with lyu3 bu4, next to zero but not as first qiang age struggle against wolves, before long, the first zero qiang himself could have loyalty to lu bu, giffin set of potential, so also calculate finished half, the rest is the fermentation of time, keep the rope of the huns living space, at the same time contact Qin Hu against the huns."My father has said that such a rare talent as master could never be used by the enemy, even if it could not be used by me. Therefore, master should be wronged for a few days." Lu lingqi sincere way: "stay at the place, the little woman must apologize to Mr. Door."Dostie sitting on a horse, look mighty army, as temporary commander in chief of the army, at the moment dostie but no matter how to also not happy, the in the cold, the main gathered nearly all of the huns, hundreds of army, it sounds terrible, but it is because of the career, the huns will establish oneself in hetao, become the land of the hetao so many worthy of the king, the family to make xianbei dare not covet.

"It is an important and joyful event." Chen gong bowed and said, "princess liu yunfeng has been married to his Lord for several months. Now yongliang is calm, and it is time for his Lord to marry the princess."In the evening of the next day, king tu looked at the sky and ordered his men to retreat.Zhaoyun wait for remnant white horse righteousness to break through encirclement and come out, be chased after by yuan shao all the way subsequently kill, after playing a few in you state territory, this the white horse righteousness with little remaining is very few from arrive finally, zhaoyun is left to rely on individual brave fight to break through encircle only.吸血殿下的专属小猫咪|"Wait, how can you bite the hand that feeds you?" Pang tong was surprised when he saw the two women come up and tied them up. He shouted loudly.

吸血殿下的专属小猫咪|"Consigliere? Han DE started a little and quickly bowed to salute.The cold killing machine accompanies light sweet wind to approach slowly, the two burglar that did not notice especially, still be in fast asleep ruthlessly two times, on the face show a few minutes of indecent expression, seemed to dream what beautiful thing."The end is near." Gao shun stepped forward.

"Uh ~"Slowly raised his arm to force to slow down the speed of marching, role of horse pit, is no longer a secret on the prairie, the rouzhi roamed upon this stuff, just under the will of the family of three, support up to now, no matter tu qiang or Wolf, to zero, no less in this hurt, and the horse pit, lyu3 bu4 to hetao plains, to the advantage of cavalry to limit the thoroughly, almost every time before in drug delivery ready to determine whether the other horse pit.吸血殿下的专属小猫咪|




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