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法兰琳卡白白霜e肽润巢The strong army in guanzhong has long been known all over the world. Even though yan yan was confident, he would not fight with wei yan with the same strength."... "Lv bu turned his head and looked at jia xu helplessly:" wen he, I finally know why you never interfere in military power, otherwise, I will use this reason to kill you! Could you please put it all right for once?""Where is the Lord now?" Zhang ren stood up and asked quietly.

"Yes, the general should know what would happen if he rushed in like that." "Said monda bitterly.Meng da looked at liu zhang in surprise and shook his head and said, "if liu yizhou was not blinded by interests, it would not be so easy to let the Lord take yizhou.""Compare liu zhang how?" Pang tong did not answer, but turned to the man and smiled.法兰琳卡白白霜'madman!

法兰琳卡白白霜Although there is pang tong, law is behind the plot, but if there is no this has gradually sharp contradictions, yizhou family not too greedy, liu zhang later eat phase also not so ugly, it is not now to today's step of betrayal."The adviser rest assured, su will not be entrusted!" Ma Susu after a ceremony, leave away.With warfare alliance in name only, xiao qi of songshan, now restored native state of rocks have been cao cao to withdraw thirty thousand troops stationed here, as one who died, zhou yu, failed but died in the attack on jingzhou jingzhou two originally stationed troops also have their home here, the rest of the team returned to the shu liu follow later also with, now the songshan, stationed in fact only liu bei and cao cao.

"Pardon, Lord, custom." Giffin nodded with a wry smile: "in fact to Zhou Yuzhi can, if he resist, do not have too much power to prevent sun quan, but in that case, jiangdong will be split, millions of years of work is not enough to calm, but jiangdong, now I have no time to experience a change, and zhou yu didn't also the ambition, sun quan, it has been two years in silence as well as cultivating their bases, therefore, jiangdong have loomed, although has not been intensified, but is gradually sharp, even when zhou yu didn't this idea, but the former veteran will not consciously safeguard the interests of the zhou yu.""Hey, what do I say? After all, he is my general, and I rely on them to keep the enemy at bay." This was the way liu zhang's voice sounded in his ears"This...... "Meng da shook his head, some disdain in the heart, looking at liu zhang road:" the Lord know, why the champion hou will be loved by the people?法兰琳卡白白霜




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