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太原市公安局局长紧阴美"West cool ten county, d now actively out of ji county, hanyang county has been our army all the income, in addition to stability, north county and north zhang ye three county, has been all occupied by our army.""Well, jincheng county to you, I can only give you five thousand military forces, but to occupy jincheng county as soon as possible, if you can, west gansu also want to take, I will wait for the west gansu occupation." Lyu3 bu4 patted cioffi on the shoulder."Here!" Li can not hesitate to promise, immediately turned away.

...Just about to get up, suddenly sounded a rush of footsteps outside the door, a small school rushed in, came to seibel, lang track: "general, changan from letterhead."太原市公安局局长Lyu3 bu4 looked back, looked at Chen Gong, Zhang Xiu swept over, finally fell on the giffin, sink a track: "Although this plan is good, but it takes a long time, although can retreat the enemy, but can't hurt its muscles and bones, but our army, after this war, casualties will be heavy."

太原市公安局局长"Zhong Fang!" Zhong yao looked back at the two families behind him."Our original plan is basically sound enough. Since ancient times, migrants have been guided and suppressed. In the final analysis, we have been guided and deterred by the army. So far, the results have been quite good." Lyu3 bu4 natural impossibility before the idea directly said, said nothing, that is not their own face.For a long time, lyu3 bu4 nodded and said, "well, wen and nature are more familiar with the things in baishui qiang, wide sea, you will follow wen and go, protect wen and thoughtfulness, everything to listen to wen and command, do not make your own opinions."

"Where is Liang Hsing? Can you dare to go out to war with me?" A burst of roar like thunder ripped heaven and earth, exploded outside the camp.Two people dressed neatly, wenji changed into a suit of han dynasty, followed by lyu3 bu4 out of the camp.To kill, but also to kill hard, kill them cold, kill them to extinction, only to hurt these people, they will be as obedient as a dog!太原市公安局局长




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