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奥格瑞拉铃儿响叮当北京手工活外发加工"Western xianbei!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a voice: "If I am Daxin, the king court internal chaos, will not sit by to miss this opportunity, please khan to strengthen the west side of the king court defense, Daxin never come, if Daxin never really come, never rashly dispatch troops, after I integrate the five big tribes, then assemble heavy troops, and Daxin fight to the death!""Hey?" Xu togeher stared at xu chu, disdaining to say: "who are you, I talk to a deception, when is your turn to interrupt?"Pound smell speech, also can only smile bitterly nodded, although the same responsibility, but as a general, which don't want to gallop on the battlefield.

"Kill!" A xianbei generals see ke sin and to jin zhitu gathered here a lot of people, directly rushed up with people.This is lyu3 bu4 decision, not to be changed, as long as bing, wei yan there troops in luoyang and dong zhuo occupied luoyang at that time to form two completely different situation, bing, harmony cool and luoyang will be one piece, form a whole, rather than dong zhuo at that time alone deep, all around the enemy's situation.Although took advantage of the surprise attack, but the night is not only an obstacle to begging voodoo, lyu3 bu4 is also a loss, although let begging voodoo bombing camp, since trampling on each other, but in the chaos, the chaos is the same.奥格瑞拉铃儿响叮当"Hum!" Qifu goyang proudly said: "we have long since left the king's court begging fu tribe, less take the name of the king's court to pressure me!"

奥格瑞拉铃儿响叮当Coss smell speech, A knife pushed back Wei Yan, Turn your head, And then I saw the two of them fighting, Jun has been under wei elite kill is about to be defeated, Coss, Seeing Wei Yan kill again, Suddenly a bridle of horses, With a long knife in his hand, chop to Wei Yan 's throat, Although this move is not as subtle as Guan Yu's towing knife, but also quite get three of them, Wei Yan caught off guard, Although dodging in time, And I almost got a boring loss, In my heart is surprised a cold sweat, Coss saw the trick failed to kill wei, Heart know again, lose or not win, hurriedly le into the wei army, a head to cut several pawn, even with subordinate soldiers will meet again, kill a lot of people, wei, although repeatedly angered, but was blocked by the rebels, can only watch coss left rushed right tu, a little bit of the military forces gathered around again.After gushing out of the Yinfeng Gorge, As the area expands, Momentum gradually slow down, but after all, faster than horses, surging water after a little slow, continue to spread out dozens of miles to gradually disappear, this is also in the grasslands, if it is in the mountains, the flood, absolutely can run more than a hundred miles, even so, devouring kui head and western xianbei more than two hundred thousand military forces is enough."Send him down to rest." Looking at d pale face, lyu3 bu4 tone a little softer, to the military doctor: "a medicine, don't worry about waste, let him get better as soon as possible."

"Today, dog thief, I will avenge my family!" Ma Tie but don't care about the thought of liang xing at the moment, wolf teeth gun a gun faster than a gun, this year, he didn't official, but with d side, bitter gun, inspired by hatred, in the past year, ma Tie's gun, if not young, I'm afraid Liang Xing would have died under his gun.Think about those who were himself run ridicule, the expedition, not only failed to establish a reputation, was lombardi humiliated, let alone son and nephew was killed, also let xu togeher to trial with hate, now back, laughed at?Toothache bone fragmentation sound, look at half of the face high swollen, body facing lyu3 bu4, head is strange twisted, looked at the eight hundred county soldiers behind him, has collapsed pupil, eyes are clearly reflected in all people, as if to blame their incompetence.奥格瑞拉铃儿响叮当




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