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普利婷左旋肉碱|废油回收一吨多少钱Tardif with military forces all the way to chase, jingzhou soldiers even turned the battle, and experienced a defeat, already sleepy, at the moment was chased, can also run at the beginning, but with the distance between the two sides continue to draw closer, the psychological pressure to accelerate the physical consumption, gradually some can't run.Soon, that came the jingzhou soldiers were brought to the account.Meaning, you go to war at this time, is to give others a chance, zhang fei gas straight blowing beard, but zhuge liang at this time, zhang fei also can't help but stare.

A group of jiangdong soldiers also like the duck was strangled neck general speechless, before called ferocious, but at the moment guan yu so generous opened YuanMen, they suddenly found no recruit."Here!" Pan Zhang He Qi commanded, began to collect the weapons of surrender."An overwhelming victory?" Method is looking at wei yan, Shake his head laughed. "General zhang don't know, since the tetrarch named wolf ju xu, this nearly ten years, I guanzhong army in fighting with conference semifinals, very few hundreds of casualties, and this time, unexpectedly damaged seven hundred elite, is absolutely in recent years our army in foreign wars, suffered such a big loss for the first time, if this is passed back, will be taken as a laughing stock."普利婷左旋肉碱|Is not lu su heart hard, but at the moment he even if have the heart to open the city to save people, also want to worry about whether guan yu will immediately launch a surprise attack, guarding the spirit of the city soldiers has reached the limit, just relax at the moment, if guan yu take advantage of this time to attack again, the city may be breached at any time.

普利婷左旋肉碱|"This …" Yan Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head. "The general didn't know. Two hundred paces away, the Fujitsu Shield could block it. But if it was within two hundred paces, the Fujitsu Shield could not block the power of the crossbow."A group of savage troops roared out of the mountains and woods, shouting weiyan don't understand the strange tune, armed with bow and arrow knife and gun, against the rattan shield toward wei.Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city."

Must hurry back as soon as possible, now that has torn face, and has captured the yu zhang, the urgent matter of the moment, also can only muster, before sun quan failed to all the strength, the jiangdong flat, as for shu..."General, afraid of what he does? He again fierce, can't the guanzhong military forces really can't, male broad sea, not afraid to tell you, I wait here tonight, is to capture lu zheng, if you know, give me immediately, when the emperor uncle in shu, say no, can also protect you a rich, otherwise..."Increasingly westerly, when tracing the cause with zhou tai back to qua, the city has been restored to calm, more than twenty thousand jingzhou soldiers were seized weapons and armor, arrived at the port.普利婷左旋肉碱|




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